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Congratulations for your site, which is great for any movie fan looking for pictures and avatars. Personnaly, I came across it while looking for web pages on Vertigo (my favorite movie).

I also love your applet with thumbnails scrolling from right to left. Do you know where I can find this applet code, so I can create one with my own images ?

Thanks a lot

Ludo (from France)
Doppelgangers or Doppel gagner Mullholand Dr. is double-plus-good!

i think the use of double roles by double actors and double charectors by double ecseedera... is part-leadly 2 due with acting and film where doubles are used often as standins for actors (body shots, stunts and what not) sometimes there is more than one producer or an assistant director. i'm sure this may weather-bee a conception-ality of lynch's film.

i have 2 relies in the biz and one who used to be.

I used pictures on this site from A Clockwork Orange to finish a project on that book in school. They worked out great.
thankz 4 taking tha time to post that pics .. is a great job u r doing ;)
Your site is wonderful. Some of the soprano's pages don't exist no more. We can't access to the pics. Another "error" pages appear.



July 22 2008, 15:31:29 UTC 8 years ago

I kind of stumbled accross your site while looking for screenshots for my web site, I ended up spending 15 mins browsing through [a very long time for me] and then added you to my favourites.
Now I'm quoting monty python again, Brilliant.
Thanks for all your exellent work.
Thank you, Thank you!

Great source for images.

Come see Nosferatu at IU auditorium in Bloomington. A 20 year tradition in October.

Loved the wallpaper too:)



August 27 2009, 23:13:16 UTC 7 years ago

Yeah I agree

Re: Yeah


August 27 2009, 23:15:35 UTC 7 years ago

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